Saturday, December 02, 2006


RegNow is a Third Party Service Provider for small software vendors. It provides a merchant gateway along with service to advertise the software to small software sellers.

To think about, for small software vendors, to survive in current industry is tough. Why?
1. Large Software Companies have their own products which compete with smaller ones (albeit, most of the software for the large company may have come via acquisition of smaller companies), even if products from large companies lack the features of the small products.
2. Large Software companies have deep pockets that allow them to offer these products for free, thereby killing incentive for the buyer to go for a better product which costs $$.
3. Large Software companies have relationship with various customers that allows them to piggyback other services, something a 1-software shop can not offer.

RegNow and other similar sites provide such small software a platform to sell thru one Window. What is required for these smaller software companies to do is also provide a unified support platform. I think there will be a market for such a service that will provide a unified interface to the customers and allow smaller companies to provide better support to their customers.

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