Monday, December 11, 2006

Training - Day 1

Today was first day of the Training. I am attending a full time training after 1 year (I attended a two day session on webMethods Architecture - Theo eZell's class in Atlanta, during Integration World 2005, which was pretty interesting as such). But this time, the training is 5 days long (last similar session was 7 years back, A training on Oracle and D2K in Delhi for two weeks and a session on new setup that we were rolling out for education centers that time) and screen based, non-technical, learning how to use warehouse management system.

It tends to get slightly boring (because, I may never have to use it myself), but Since I am supposed to help others use it, or use it while performing some of the testing myself, I have to attend it. The guy running the course is pretty cool chap.

First day was kinda okay. I knew some of the stuff due to various work done in last 1 month. But knowing some of the stuff was very good. Learning things such as LPNs (apart from SKUs) and UCC-128 Tracking Numbers was very interesting.

Most interesting thing learned was that anything that affects inventory and but does not result into shipment (such as Damage to the goods) will still be treated as Inbound. I would call that as the most important learning of the day

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