Wednesday, February 07, 2007

10 things you should never buy used

Liz Pulliam Weston of MSN has provided a list of Items that you should never buy used. I have listed some of the items from her list and my experience with them here.

  • Laptops: Well, I do have a used company laptop. It was not bad. But if you are going to pay something around 200-300$ for an old, used company laptop, i would say, keep checking deal and buy a new Acer or a similar laptop with lower configuration for almost same price. (After all, the used laptop is not going to be the latest and greatest, it may not even have a DVD Drive and Memory card readers sometime). If you like read a review of laptops that i have used, please go to my laptopmania blog.
  • Car Seats: Well, I do have a car seat that I bought from someone too. The experience was not entirely hygienic. We had to wash the whole seat and its upholstery and it still is not the best that I would have liked to have. But I bought it when I did not own a car, and still needed one every time my family needed to hitch a ride with friends to go anywhere. But make sure to check if the model is not recalled and if the car seat's life has ended (look for tag which says "Do not use after this date").
  • DVD Player: Well, if you are a frequent buyer on eBay, you are mostly buying things that have been used. I bought mine from Sears Auctions via eBay. It is not the best. I probably overpaid for it. But it works still. I know that I could have got it for almost half the price.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: I do agree with what she said. I have had second hand vacuum cleaners. They burned out very very quickly. Never buy an old one.
  • Mattress: Well, don't know what to say. I agree with what is said. But one thing. How does one sleep in a clean bed if he is always travelling. Do hotels and Inns have hygienic bed? Beds are not cheap either if you are buying a new one.

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