Monday, February 12, 2007

Travelling on Business - Trip 1 - Lag 1 - Day 0

I have started travelling on business. It is not a bad experience. But since I am travelling for the first time for such a scenario, it warrants some preparation. For the first time I am travelling for weekdays. These are 4-5 days trip (Typical Consulting). I will be travelling to 0°F temperature zone. One of the few things that I need is to buy warm cloths (read long coats).

I bought a Tasso Elba from Macys (See Tasso Elba Short Jacket for a similar product) for 120$ (Could have saved 20$ more, had I retained the receipt, as the price went down by 20$ next week).

Booked all my options such as Hotel and Flight and slept early in the night to take off next day.

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