Thursday, March 29, 2007

Free La Fonera WiFi Router Offer

Free La Fonera Router offer is back.

Go to's site and get a free router after you go thru their terms and conditions.

Best thing is shipping is free too.

What is the catch:

  • Router is controlled by (unless you hack it, and if you do, that may be considered illigle - as the contract is violated).
  • Router allows people to use your broadband connection and get online (that is if someone uses it). Now there can be few things here:
    • People have to pay for their access unless they are already active providers (means someone having a similar router and having it used by others)
    • keeps track of who connects to your router (so you need not worry if someone would connect and shoot an email to TSA, as the user's connectivity will be surely tracked).
    • You will probably need a higher bandwidth, if it starts getting used (as such you can control how much bandwidth you wish to offer to outside world, but if you offer too less, why would someone connect? Get the idea?)
    • It may not be legal to share your Bellsouth, SBC or At&T connection (and probably similar with Verizon, Comcast, and everybody else). They do not allow you to share what you have purchased by paying for it (Where else can this happen except in Free market!!!!!).
  • Well, then how do make money? Wouldn't they be bleeding by now? The answer is: Not yet. and here is why:
    • The company is backed by Google and Skype (these are two sites that can be surfed for free using La Fonera without buying minutes).
    • The cost of the router is estimated around $50 including shipping.
    • If 50 people buy day pass to use internet from using router installed at you, they recover their 50$ investment....Gotit? You still have a higher cost to recover as you are the one who is paying monthly DSL and Electric charges.
    • When you have a really high volume of people using Fon router at your place, they really make lot more money then you do.

I would really like if Fonera increases share of a Fonero (that is you/me, whoever owns the hostpot) which is initially set at 50%, after it recovers 100$ (almost double of what they invested), as they have to remember that anyone can easily setup a HotSpot. This gives me the idea about the next Linux Project

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