Monday, April 16, 2007

Imus should not have been fired

Monroe Anderson at Chicago Sun Times writes that "Imus should not have been fired". I agree: As someone who has originated from a society where such prejudices still run amoc (South Asians haven't changed even after being on receiving end for so long), I agree with your comments 100%. I think media and others humiliated Imus sufficiently for his deeds, and he appropriately said sorry. It is like a corporate lynching of Imus now.

In place of using him intelligently - having his show going on with lot of moderation, making him do some social services - such as councelling or coaching baseball to african american youth - would have been more helpful. In the act of one up ship and zeal of hunting witches they lost a chance to make a hugh impact in his listeners. After all this, they probably left his listeners more prejudiced then before; what a shame.

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