Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hindu prayer in the Senate draws protesters

Well, Harry Reid the senate majority leader invited a Hindu Chaplain to recite a prayer in senate, and people protested.

Well, it was bound to happen. America is not ready yet to call itself a secular state. May be this should serve as a wake up for all hindus in America and all ameriphile Hindus in India that they need to educate America or get themselves well educated about America.

With so many Hindus in United States, as Citizens, their numbers in public services and politics is still very very low and only when more Hindus will enter American politics, this can change.

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arbid said...

An independent charity applied to harro Council of UK (which has majority Indian/ Hindu ) population for a Hindu faith school in Harrow which again would be state funded. Well, as such it sounds alrite considering there are numerous catholic and muslim religious schools in the country. But then there have been protests from the local residents when Harrow Council was rumored to be deciding in favour of the school. Well, Secular is maybe just a word used in constitutional books. It is an individual who makes his mind on being secular or not. And again the same individual may act differently secular in various situations depending on whether it affects him or not....