Monday, October 29, 2007

Children were used in manufacturing cloths for Gap in India

There is a report, that one of the sub-contractor used child labourers to produce cloths for GAP in India. The link is here.

It is really disturbing that children were used to produce cloths in those shops. But there are things that I find more disturbing.
  • Quoting from report: Hansen blamed the alleged abuse on an unauthorized subcontractor for one of its Indian vendors and said the subcontractor's relationship with the Gap had been "terminated.". Yes, the subcontractor's relationship is terminated. But what about the Indian Vendor? It was the vendor's responcibility to enforce GAP's ethics standards. Why is GAP not acting tough against the Vendor?
  • Was the incident reported to Indian Government? Why Not?
  • Why isn't GAP threating to pull out from Indian Manufacturing completely?

Why isn't Unicef taking up this and similar issue with Indian Government?

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