Wednesday, February 06, 2008

H1 bandwagon has started again

The H1 Bandwagon has started again with people trying to find companies who fill file their H1 and large outsourcing providers, who will file H1 for 1000's of their employees hoping to get some. Lawyers are again making money. The immigrants will be hopeful that they get their H1, or their green card or their naturalization request processed. But the immigration bill will remain stuck. The US Government will remain frozen. What they do not realize is that they are doing more harm then helping. Illegal immigration is a separate issue from legal immigration and it is also a separate issue from security.

Reasoning of security work well, when they are being applied at people who are outside the country. But they can not be applied in same way to people who are already in country, legally or otherwise.

Very same way, Legal Resident Aliens and Permanent Resident Aliens are different from illegal immigrants. They are here legally.  They pay taxes. They adhere to laws. Treating them in same way as illegal residents while passing the law does not really help. It will just drive them away.

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