Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New mode introduced in Nest

Nest Thermostat will now offer a new mode called as "ECO". This is in addition to Home and Away mode already offered.  This mode replaces "Auto-Away" and "Away".  To me, that is confusing in some way.  Nest should have merged Away and Auto-Away into one mode called as "Away" and should have introduced a new mode called as "ECO" - that can be selected by user while they are in the home itself.

I am yet to see a Google Home Automation blueprint overall - but separating ECO mode from Away mode (that many users were using manually) is one small step in right direction. I am trying to understand their reasoning.

Read Nest's post here:

Some unanswered questions:
1. What all generation of Nest will support this mode? Answer: All 3  - 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen 
2. How does it impact auto scheduling? I would think that it should have an impact on Auto Schedule where it should start changing expected temperatures if this is a regular event.
3. Can I choose two different settings? one for Away and one for ECO?

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