Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SaneBox - Review of a service that may be able to clean your mailbox

SaneBox is a service that may be able to clean up mailbox (especially Yahoo whose spam filter is very week as of right now).

Once SaneBox is configured to connect to your Yahoo account, it goes over various mails (and you can train it to classify mails in specific ways).

For some reason SaneBox classified lot of spam as News and moved it into a folder called as SaneNews upfront. As I had lot of spam in my folder it seems overwhelming at first to go thru. My thought is that once you start using it, it becomes easier as you are only processing new delta emails.

While SaneBox requires a subscription to use, it probably should also build a monetnization based on advertisements. Yahoo seem to be putting in ads in empty SaneBox folders (they are empty to start with). Here is a snapshot of an ad it showed within Yahoo UI.

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