Monday, November 20, 2006

IT Czar of US?

Well, someone in US Government thinks that there is a lack of talent in US.

"The IT work force is not skilled enough and almost never can be skilled enough," said Robert Cresanti, undersecretary of commerce for technology at EWeek.

Well, why should there be? You can not bring Sahara or Mt. Everest to United States. Can you? I think it is nature's way of balancing (what's nature got to do with it, you may think. I may ask you, what is Nature?").

But there are few ramifications.
  1. US needs to spend more money in education (rather then defence).
  2. US needs to import Talent (as education will take at least 5-10 years to generate engineers required, and still there is no guarantee).
  3. US needs to increase outsourcing.

Well, if someone says outsourcing is bad, then I have a question for them. Why 90% of goods sold by Walmart are made in China or anywhere else in the world (but not USA)?

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