Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wipro and recruiting

It appears that Wipro is thinking ahead. Wipro is talking to various candidates (employees of its competitors), about joining Wipro.

Well, What about it? Isn't that something everybody does?

Yes, that's what almost everybody does.

Then, What is it, that Wipro is doing different?

Well, Wipro is talking to various candidates on L1B.

But how would that help? People on L1B can not switch the companies.

That's right. People on L1B can not switch company (But what if they get their H1B)?

But H1B is still 11 months away. 2007 Quota is over, and a person can not start working with 2008 quota till 1st October 2007.

Wipro knows that. It is taking commitment from those employees right now and is getting ready to file their H1B. Come 1st October 2007, all these guys will be working for Wipro just by changing their status.

That's what I call as thinking ahead. Wipro has taken a cue from Employees on L1B who file H1B thru various job consultants and turned it in to a strategy to ensure that it has supply of quality resources in 2008 and it will not face a resource crunch.

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