Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thank you - I

I wish to thank a few people. I believe that there was a contribution from these individuals to my learning during my time at Satyam.
  • Krishna Pera, Kirti, and Pritham Nambiar
  • Sadagopan Singam and Rajesh Rajput
  • Ashutosh Kumar, Srinivas Raghuram, Prabhu Planisamy, Harish Jagavkar, Arunabh Dhar
  • Elu, Sundar, Rajeev, and Narendra
  • Sourabh Jha, Ravi Challa, Venugopal Chikkaveeraiah, Hamsanath Hegde, Thaviti Jami, Manoj Bandagonda
  • Alluri Srinivasa Chowdary (Thai Mobile)

1 comment:

Pritham said...

HEYYYYY... u dont have to thank me.... but wait - i never did anythin to make ur stay a more pleasant experience!!
look at me... im talking like my second name is RAJU!!! i guess thats what 7 years does to a person!