Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Should Google buy LinkedIn and Plaxo?

I think Google should buy LinkedIn and Plaxo (and Merge them Both).
  • Orkut from Google is a very laid back platform, it should still remain as is, free and for users who do not need extensive features
  • LinkedIn would be like Orkut for Pro - Lot of Extra Features and serious networking
  • Plaxo and LinkedIn together make lot of sense. Read more at http://www.brutalclarity.com/index.php/weblog/more/plaxo_and_linkedin_should_merge/. Plaxo has already created a plugin for linkedIn.
  • Plaxo is sometimes too intrusive. A flair of LinkedIn would make it simpler and easier to work with.
  • Google is a technology company as well as about User created Content - After all That's what LinkedIn and Plaxo are.. Technology with User Created Content.

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